Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gammbatte dalila!!

tinggal lg 4 hari utk aku menghabiskan mase aku kt umah ni....lps ni fokus akn lebih kpd praktikal n thesis aku...byk bnde yg perlu aku prepare utk menghadapi sume 2..aku kne ready dr segi mental n fizikal, fizikal aku 100% ready, tp mental aku??aku rse stakat ni bru 30%..xdpt nk bygkn my life in new enviroment dat i never been..oh God, help me..give me strength...

my MAK n ABAH is busy right now..maklum la ank dye yg sorg ni (that me!) nk g praktikal..sume bnde Mak n Abah nk sediakan..takut xckup je nnt..beli itu, beli ini..terharu sgt2 tgk dorg...pape pn, K.Uteh sayang sgt2 kt MAK & ABAH...mmuuuaaahhh!!!

25 Dec 2010...cham's family will come to my home...nk ntar tande..for dat event, aku x prepare pape pn lg... my mom tgh sibuk2 pikir menu yg ptut dihidangkan...i hope that day is a day that will not being forgotten by me ngn my Chammitto Lovella...

me, ada, pika, maz, nurul n daya planning to go for vacation..this vacation is for maz yg nk getting married this chinese new year..i hope this vacation will be the happiness moment for me n my friends.. a lot of place yg dorg cadangkn...nk g Genting la, Sunway la, PD la..n a lot of arguement about the date..whether this end 2010 or beginning 2011..i hope they will doing at Jan 2011..really hope so..

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