Wednesday, December 1, 2010

** alhamdulillah **

today is a last day for november 2010..but for me, today is a first day i enter my department which is accounting and finance dept...there was a lot of people work there..k.zana introduce me to all my collegue..i need to remember all their name..first things that i do here is filing..k.nad ask me to help her doing a filing..she teach me how to do it...its was quite easy..but i need to know what is the paper all about...seperate all the invoice..aku wat keje ni sampai aku thnkn jgk...da nk tersengguk2 da aku..nasib dpt cover..hehehe..after that, kak nad ask me to copy a document..she taught me how to use the xerox machine...and now i have master it..thx k.nad...hehehe..
after dats, k.sarah ask me to wrap the gift and the certificate for her event at  evening..we do it until 5 o clock..i have pack all my stuff and prepared to go back..but, suddently the kakaks and abangs call us...rpe2nyer ader activity.. dorg will do this activities every tuesday...that mean every tuesday, i will go back a little bit late..huhuhu..i enjoy the activities...its so fun and its really works to release the tension..the objective of this activities is to encourage the teamwork..

my mum kol me...kejutkn utk g keje...luv my mum..maghrib td, during i cooking, my mum call again..she ask me hows my days...n aku pn cite la kt mk aku sume skali..hehehe..

rindu sma kamooo...

today simitha and fazila came late..simitha lost when she trying to find fazilah's house..pity of them...but, at lease u guys reach PPMSB on time..huhuhu...

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